enjoy your summer

Enjoy your summer

Enjoy your summer! Project: House in the Air Photography: Fernando Guerra

Photoshooting | Compluvium House

The Greeks, as well as the Etruscans and the Romans used compluvium in aristocratic dwellings to lead rainwater to the impluvium. This opening, which was made in the center of the domus, was initially used to vent the smoke from the fires made in the homes.

arquitectos madrid

New project finished | Álamo House

The proposal, located in Madrid, is built on a plot with a significant elevation and an escape towards the landscape on its diagonal direction. The impossibility of accommodating the entire program on a single floor makes a two-level design necessary for the house.


Publications | Homes for Our Time. Taschen

Our project House of Sand has been selected to be part of the book "Homes for Our Time. Contemporary Houses around the World" by the renowned publisher Taschen. This residence is located facing the Mediterranean Sea, in a location where an imposing sand dune protects the coastline from storms. This unique environment has been a key factor in shaping the project. The house is composed of two volumes arranged perpendicularly to each other.


Nuevo producto | One

One es una colección de bandejas que, desde la forma pura de un círculo, expresa movimiento y dinamismo. Unas piezas de diferente diámetro moldeadas en piedra que explotan la máxima capacidad de ligereza del material. Con una superficie de apoyo plana en su cara superior y una suave curva en su cara inferior, las bandejas presentan una geometría que facilita su manipulación gracias a su ergonomía.

Publications | Sotogrande Magazine

The renowned Sotogrande magazine highlights the joint work of our studio together with DUS Desarrollos Inmobiliarios in a publication of its magazine. With a project underway in Sotoalto and four more in the design phase, the synergy between creativity and dissemination stands out in this successful pairing. The studio currently has four projects in Sotogrande, including several residential buildings and the famous House of the seven gardens.

Opening event | NIU Houses

NIU Houses inaugurates the first residential showroom of real architecture in Valencia on June 22 at 8:00 p.m. in Campolivar. The visitor will live a complete experience touring this exhibition of fully furnished homes with swimming pools and gardens.

Àtic Blanc | Las provincias

Our project Àtic Blanc has been featured in the pages of the renowned newspaper "Las Provincias". With a long tradition and widespread reach in the Valencian Community, this media outlet has become a benchmark for quality information, whose interest in contemporary architecture has provided this prominent space for the architecture studio.

casa en el aire

Photoshooting | House in the Air

We have recently carried out a photography and video session in one of our latest built projects, Casa en el Aire. For this, we have worked with the renowned photographer Fernando Guerra and with the filmmaker Jesús Orrico, who have been commissioned to document the essence of the design. The project is located in Zahara de los Atunes, Tarifa, located in the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula.

NIU Houses | Architecture exhibition on a real scale

Living the first-hand experience of how a contemporary property is lived will be possible thanks to the future exhibition of Architecture on a real scale that NIU Houses will carry out in the capital and that will be possible to visit soon. The presentation event took place on May 18 at the Gandia Blasco Group flagship store, where it will be possible to see through images and models which will be the full-scale house models that can be visited in the future Architecture showroom.

New project | Villa 46

This house design draws inspiration from the iconic Japanese torii, creating a captivating fusion of the tradition and the contemporary aesthetics. The house consists of two distinct elements: a solid base crafted with green marble and a thin, elegant canopy structure.

Under construction | House in Sotogrande

Located in front of the Sotogrande’s golf course, the house proposes to inhabit the shade generated between the ground floor plan and the roof. A large cantilever allows to stop the intense sun of Cádiz and to protect from the abundant rains of the area of the Sierra de Grazalema.

casa sabater

Photoshooting | Sabater House

Our studio has recently carried out the photographic session of the recently completed project Casa Sabater, in collaboration with the famous photographer Fernando Guerra. Noted for his ability to immortalize the essence of architecture, Fernando Guerra has worked closely with the team to ensure that each photograph conveys the design intent and essence of the project.

Publications | The Sphinx, Revista AD

Architectural Digest (AD) magazine has published our recent project The Sphinx in its online version. AD magazine is internationally known for its focus on interior design, architecture, home culture and decoration. The magazine selects the most impressive and innovative architectural projects to present to its wide audience of design professionals and aficionados.

Publications | Small Houses, Taschen

Our NIU N70 project appears in the recent publication of the prestigious Taschen publishing house, "Small Houses", curated by the renowned architecture critic and author, Philip Jodidio.

la moraleja

Under construction | Villa Lavan, The Trilogy

This villa located in the residential area of La Moraleja in Madrid, is presented as a superposition of two very resounding volumes, which through the game that poses the turn between them, generate covered terraces and orient the upper floor in the direction of distant views of the landscape.

New Real State Development | Campolivar 3953N

The complex is made up of 4 plots, and in each of them there is the same type of housing that is organized on the ground, highlighting the particularities of its environment. All the villas are designed with wide open spaces at different orientations, ideal to enjoy the porches and terraces throughout the year. In addition, all the villas have a swimming pool and basement to maximize the uses and make the most of the possibilities of the plot.

Interview | Inmag

Inmag, the inHAUS magazine, has recently published an interview of Fran Silvestre, dealing with aspects related to Fran Silvestre Arquitectos' style, the working methods, the innovation in the projects and his personal opinion about the future of architecture. You can read more about the interview here.

Publications | GA Houses

The Sphinx project has been published in issue 187 of the Japanese magazine GA Houses along with other residential projects from studios such as Aires Mateus, Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma. In addition, the project can be seen until June 11 at the GA Gallery in Tokyo, an exhibition where the published projects will be exhibited.

New monograph | Rizzoli

New monograph for the renowned publishing house Rizzoli, leaders in interior design, fashion, art, architecture, cooking, entertainment and pop culture publications. The publisher has recently published the following: In 2005, Fran Silvestre founded his Valencia-based interior design studio and architecture firm, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

Photoshooting | House in El Álamo

Recently, the photoshooting of one of the latest projects finished by our studio took place: The empty house. For photography we had the collaboration of Jesús Orrico. You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest profiles.

Under construction | Compluvium house

The Greeks, as well as the Etruscans and the Romans used compluvium in aristocratic dwellings to lead rainwater to the impluvium. This opening, which was made in the center of the domus, was initially used to vent the smoke from the fires made in the homes. Over time, this aperture kept growing in proportion favoring the lighting, the ventilation...

Aluminum House | Advertising for Adidas

The company Adidas has filmed an advertising spot in our Aluminum House project. More specifically for Y-3, the Adidas division led by the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, to create garments for the soccer field. Y-3 already has a relationship with the world's most popular sport and has been associated with Spanish club Real Madrid since 2014,...

Inauguration N150 | First architecture exhibition

Next Thursday, February 9 at 5:00 p.m., the first full-scale Architecture exhibition will take place in our Campolivar showroom, where we will be able to inaugurate our latest built project: the NIU N150. The event will take place at Calle Montgó 17 in Godella, Valencia.

mejores estudios de arquitectura

Ranking of the best Architecture Studios in Spain | Architizer

Architizer, one of the platforms in the architecture sector with the most influence on social networks with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, has made a ranking of the 25 best architecture studios in Spain, selecting Fran Silvestre Arquitectos as the first position.

Finished structure | La Cadalt

The structure phase in the La Cadalt project has been completed. Located in the middle of the Serrat de la Cadalt, the project aims to update this farmhouse, of cultural interest, to the new needs and current requirements. Making use of the innovated tradition, the volumes and the exterior...

We are already present in the 5 continents

We started 2023 being present in the 5 continents. Places like Armenia, Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Thailand or the United States, are some countries that already have studio projects. Thank you for trusting in our work!

Publications | Fuera de Serie

The Fuera de Serie magazine of the Expansión group has published our new project in Sotogrande Villa 95. Fuera de Serie is a sophisticated magazine for lovers of Luxury and the good life that shows current personalities and the latest in Lifestyle, Gastronomy, Trends and Fashion.

Happy Holidays

From the entire team of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos we wish you Happy holidays!

Best Archilovers 2022 | Piera House

Our project Piera House has been selected by the well-known Archilovers platform as #Bestarchilovers2022 for its excellent aesthetics, creativity and functionality. Each project has been selected among the 50,000 projects published this year. All the winning projects have been included in a special...

arquitectos sotogrande

New project in Sotogrande | Villa 95

The expressive nature of this three-story house is designed in a continuous movement that suggests, between its different rooms, a walkway from where to explore the landscape that expands in front of it. The exterior morphology is arranged with the intention of taking full advantage of the buildability of its plot.

New project finished | NIU N290

In NIU's systematized architecture, each N290 is the same and at the same time different from the rest. The adaptation of the model to their landscape makes them unique. Its insertion into the topography, in this case over a slope, leads the project to an accommodation of an access staircase that becomes a project in itself.

Fran Silvestre | MArch Architecture and Design

Last Thursday, November 17, Fran Silvestre gave a lecture for the MArch school of master's and postgraduate degrees in Architecture and Design. Fran Silvestre shared with the students some of the projects carried out by the studio, introducing the processes...

New project finished | House in the Álamo

We recently completed the single-family home project House in the Álamo. The principal is to release the largest possible in the middle of the site allowing you to enjoy a private space with a height and volume incalculable. It enhances the perimeter of contact with...

Instituto Universitario CMT | Eólica Tower

The Universitat Politécnica de València, in one of the buildings that the campus dedicates to aerodynamic research, has subjected the Eólica Tower to tests of resistance and performance; through a recreation of turbulence and winds similar...

Campolivar Promotion | NIU Houses - en

The showroom of the new promotion in Campolivar of NIU Houses will be inaugurated soon. The proposal consists of generating a full-scale catalog of the different typologies and finishes to give the possibility of physically experiencing the sensation of living in a fully equipped NIU house with all the furniture and gardening.

New monograph | Rizzoli

The prestigious Rizzoli publisher has included a monograph dedicated to the work of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. It will be added to a catalog in which there are publications dedicated to Tadao Ando, David Chipperfield, Alberto Campo Baeza or Richard Meier, among others, and will be signed by the renowned architecture critic Philip Jodidio...

New project | Corfu

New project of three single-family homes on the west coast of the island of Corfu, Greece. The plots are located in a privileged location, an elevated location that offers unparalleled views of the sea. You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest profiles.

Open House Valencia | Premium

Our studio will participate one more year in the fourth edition of Open House Valencia, the architecture festival that will be held on October 22 and 23. In addition, among the novelties of this edition, our participation in Open Premium stands out, offering a guided tour of our Casa Sabater project, a work in Orihuela Costa, “a space that addresses the unevenness of the plot...

Under construction | Well Villa

The site works of the project are currently in the structure phase. Located in the PGA golf course, in Girona, the house seeks the best views over the place where it is set. The project is solved by means of two extruded spaces, two overlapping volumes, in which the upper one moves towards the lake in front, giving as a result a cantilever that aims to generate..



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