New event in Sotogrande | June 6th


On June 6th we will present together with Cork Oak Mansion the first house “Casa Zero”, a pioneering home that redefines the standards of luxury and sustainability in an event sponsored by DUS Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, Range Rover, de Antonio Yachts, GANDIABLASCO and La Reserva de Sotogrande.

This innovative project, which does not require connection to conventional utilities, water and electricity, thanks to its advanced self-sufficiency technologies, marks a milestone in green construction and design.

The “Zero House” is characterized as a home that does not need to be connected to the conventional utility grid thanks to advanced technologies, such as a condensing air conditioning system for fresh water. This cutting-edge approach not only ensures efficient management of natural resources, but also minimizes environmental impact. In landscape architecture, for example, various strategies can be implemented, such as the use of native and drought-resistant plants, the grouping of vegetation according to its water needs, and the application of mulching to regulate soil temperature and reduce evaporation. In addition, efficient irrigation systems can be installed, cisterns can be used to collect rainwater, and permeable surfaces and green roofs can be integrated. This revolutionary design, which guarantees maximum efficiency in the use of natural resources and a minimal ecological footprint, meets the demanding criteria of a Passive House, standing out for its ability to operate completely independently of conventional supply networks and its exceptional energy efficiency.

Range Rover, De Antonio Yachts and Gandia Blasco, leading brands in innovation and design, will also participate in the event, presenting their latest creations that define the new standard in conscious and sustainable luxury. Range Rover, a symbol of innovation and luxury in the automotive world, will present its latest 100% electric model. This launch reflects the brand’s vision of combining performance and sophistication with environmentally friendly technology, offering an exceptional driving experience without compromising its ecological responsibility. De Antonio Yachts redefines luxury yachting with its focus on sustainability, and will also introduce its innovative 100% electric yacht. This launch highlights the brand’s commitment to advanced technology and elegant design, providing an exceptional boating experience that is both powerful and environmentally friendly. And finally, Gandia Blasco, a pioneer in outdoor furniture design, will showcase a variety of its furniture at the event, each reflecting its commitment to sustainability through the use of recycled materials and responsible manufacturing practices.

The concept of “new sustainable luxury” is transforming expectations in the high-end sectors by combining design with significant environmental awareness. This contemporary approach not only highlights exceptional quality and design, but also integrates responsible production and operational practices that reduce the impact on the environment. Leading brands are leading the way to a future where luxury and sustainability complement each other, setting new standards for conscious consumption in our society.

This event will not only mark the debut of a pioneering sustainable housing structure, but will also provide a unique platform where leading brands will demonstrate how the luxury sector, thanks to its vast resources, is uniquely qualified to lead in innovation and ecological responsibility. In a sector where means are abundant, there is an unparalleled opportunity to explore and adopt advanced innovations that are often unfeasible in more domestic contexts, thus setting new standards for sustainable architecture and design.

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