• The Blau collection seeks to develop the tradition of outdoor furniture, linking with the architecture and the way of inhabiting in the Mediterranean. An innovative tradition, based on a specific construction system that consists in the assembly of extruded aluminum profiles.Only one type of joint is used, which solves all the connections in the different pieces of the collection and leaves hidden the pins that fix the profiles.

  • The minimum thickness is used, taking the measurements of each profile to the limit until reaching 150x400mm working with the inertia of the profiles. Thus, there is a dynamic perception of the pieces, which are perceived differently depending on the point of view of the observer.Furthermore, the contrast between the orthogonal aluminum structure and the curved polyethylene structure is used to improve ergonomics.

  • With this growth system all the pieces are materialized, from a chair to an artificial tree. A tree of immediate growth that, without any roots, it adapts to urban environments by illuminating them, limiting them and generating shadows.

    Blau is a family of objects that have another difficult to specify quality, which refers to the value of the pieces as objects, with the value of being contemplated.

Arquitectos Valencia

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