• The Blau collection aims to develop the tradition of exterior furniture, linking it to the architecture and the form of living of the Mediterranean. An innovated tradition, grounded on a specific constructive system based on the union of extruded aluminium profiles.

  • The minimum edge is used, taking to the limit the measures of each profile, reaching the dimensions of 150×400 mm, working with the inertia of the profiles. This way, it is generated a dynamic perception of the pieces, which appear in different manners depending on the point of view of the observer.

    Another feature used on the collection is the contrast between the orthogonal aluminium structure and the curved structure of the perforated aluminium mesh. This curved piece improves the ergonomy and allows permeability which makes the pieces suitable for the exterior without collecting water, while resembling pieces composed with textile seat and back.

  • With this expanding system every piece is materialized, from a chair to an artificial tree. A tree of immediate growth which, without roots, adapts itself to urban environments, illuminating then, enclosing them, and generating shadows.

    Blau is a family of objects made with aluminium, which simplifies its recycling process, and makes the furniture light, transparent, and easy to use in the exterior.

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