• Inspired in low-weight pergolas and porticated structures traditionally used in some cultures -including Mediterranean- as transition spaces between outside and inside; this project reinterprets them to create an urban element which is specially thought to enjoy exterior space.

    This piece is designed to serve a restaurant, enlarging it and transforming life in the street beside it. While not in use, it’s geometry does not interfere with pedestrian transit, but it does remain open for improvisation of new uses for the project: a meeting point, a playground, a shade to stand under… The setting of the pillars induces a dynamic interpretation of the piece, which may be seen as a cantilevered or a doubly leaned structure, depending on different points of view.

  • This is all materialized as a metallic structure covered by a solid surface, which gives it a monolithic appearance that doesn’t require maintenance and which is resistant enough to be used in urban surroundings. It’s inside contains lighting, sound and conditioning facilities as well as retractile shading elements to enhance its intimacy.

  • An industrialized building system which is capable to adapt to different uses and locations. A piece of urban furniture that might be capable to transform with it’s use into something more than just a roof.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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