• The relaxing power of a sheet of water when it is silhouetted against the sea is fascinating. A world of colors, reflections and textures appears in constant change that produces an enigmatic attraction. Sometimes this effect acquires a dimension that makes the rest of the elements that constitute a project are dispensable or accessory. Focused on this issue we begin the proposal to build a living space from which to contemplate a spectacular environment.

    The place is located in Calpe and is delimited by four landscaping elements of great strength. To the north the rock of Ifach, to the east the Mediterranean Sea, to the south the Mascarat and to the west there is a distant view of the Sierra de Olta.

  • Another environment condition is that it is at the limit where the tremendously steep slope of the Mascarat is no longer urbanized. The project seeks to relate more directly to the rocky nature of the mountain, distancing itself from the urbanized area. From the bottom, at the base of the mountain where the population is, the project becomes a shadow that blurs the impact on the landscape. From the summit of Mascarat, two sheets of water contain the program of the house.

    The access is from the upper street, the first cover corresponds to a sheet of water that can be walked on.

  • At the lower level there is a day area completely open to the landscape. The eastern light is reflected in the pool so that the caustic of the water is projected on the roof increasing the natural lighting of the interior that seems not to be covered. On the lower level there are different rooms that look at the views and the garden.

    The project is materialized by means of a natural stone of gray color, that when flooding becomes an intense blue because it becomes a mirror of water.

Arquitectos Valencia

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