• The idea of the project, more than being a specific geometry is a starting point, a system to work. Shaping lines of natural terraces are what draw the house, at the same time the house fades, becoming in natural terraces.

    The white walls with rounded edges respect the built environment and the hills that form the landscape.

  • This strategy allows drawing the desired program, protecting from Meltemi and of neighboring gazes. Creating a special place, in which enjoy the pleasures of the Mediterranean in calm.

    The lines converge at a point producing a void, a place open to the sea (a belvedere), defined with a precise geometry, as in the Hellenic tradition. 

  •  A form that dilutes inside, becoming in a planes that disappear in the landscape and these delimit the views. The same walls that terrace the land and allow walk the plot.

    A house defined by the juxtaposition of square spaces, that reflects the same beauty that traditional architecture, easily construction.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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