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Under construction | Compluvium house

The Greeks, as well as the Etruscans and the Romans used compluvium in aristocratic dwellings to lead rainwater to the impluvium. This opening, which was made in the center of the domus, was initially used to vent the smoke from the fires made in the homes. Over time, this aperture kept growing in proportion favoring the lighting, the ventilation of the rooms and the collection of water that was carried out in the impluvium.
We like to think of this house located in the center of Madrid as an interpretation of this element, which also grants privacy to the house from neighboring buildings.


Aluminum House | Advertising for Adidas

The company Adidas has filmed an advertising spot in our Aluminum House project.

More specifically for Y-3, the Adidas division led by the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, to create garments for the soccer field. Y-3 already has a relationship with the world’s most popular sport and has been associated with Spanish club Real Madrid since 2014, where Zinédine Zidane is the face of the new collaboration. You can find the video here.

Ranking of the best Architecture Studios in Spain | Architizer

Architizer, one of the platforms in the architecture sector with the most influence on social networks with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, has made a ranking of the 25 best architecture studios in Spain, selecting Fran Silvestre Arquitectos as the first position.

For the ranking, the following has been taken into account:

The number of A+ awards won (2013 to 2023)
The number of A+Awards finalists (2013 to 2023)
The number of projects selected as “Project of the Day” (2009 to 2023)
The number of projects selected as “Featured Project” (2009 to 2023)
The number of projects uploaded to Architizer (2009 to 2023)


Finished structure | La Cadalt

The structure phase in the La Cadalt project has been completed. Located in the middle of the Serrat de la Cadalt, the project aims to update this farmhouse, of cultural interest, to the new needs and current requirements. Making use of the innovated tradition, the volumes and the exterior appearance of the building are respected, intervening inside it seeking the integrity of the whole.

Best Archilovers 2022 | Piera House

Our project Piera House has been selected by the well-known Archilovers platform as #Bestarchilovers2022 for its excellent aesthetics, creativity and functionality.

Each project has been selected among the 50,000 projects published this year. All the winning projects have been included in a special section on Archilovers. Thank you for choosing our project!

New project in Sotogrande | Villa 95

The expressive nature of this three-story house is designed in a continuous movement that suggests, between its different rooms, a walkway from where to explore the landscape that expands in front of it.

The exterior morphology is arranged with the intention of taking full advantage of the buildability of its plot. Through its long diagonal, the pieces seem to connect only by their vertexes, but the interior is intertwined and in constant communication. The upper floor opens onto a large balcony: roof of the middle piece and whose limits expand in both directions; to the outside, towards the pool, and to the inside of the plot up to the limits of the upper level.

Through its tertiary configuration and uninterrupted succession of spaces, the structure lures the eye into following its shape; an almost playful figure that immediately assumes and suggests the distinctive identity of the house.

New project finished | NIU N290

In NIU’s systematized architecture, each N290 is the same and at the same time different from the rest. The adaptation of the model to their landscape makes them unique. Its insertion into the topography, in this case over a slope, leads the project to an accommodation of an access staircase that becomes a project in itself. The house saves and circumvents the imposing pine trees that characterize the house.

The configuration of the house is made around a central courtyard, which reminds us of an impluvium. Four pieces with the same morphology, open on the long sides and closed on the short sides, are radially intertwined generating four outdoor spaces with different characters. An exterior space for the day area, another for the kitchen, an exterior space related to the bedrooms and another that functions as a pedestrian entrance area. The interior spaces of the house extend to the exterior, with exactly the same dimension, like a carpet that gives continuity to the spatial sequence. Thus, the habitable volume is extended and only the shade and the climate control will tell us whether we are inside or outside.

You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our Facebook, InstagramLinkedin and Pinterest profiles.

Fran Silvestre | MArch Architecture and Design

Last Thursday, November 17, Fran Silvestre gave a lecture for the MArch school of master’s and postgraduate degrees in Architecture and Design.

Fran Silvestre shared with the students some of the projects carried out by the studio, introducing the processes of materializing ideas by making models. Likewise, she did the same with the way in which each project is approached from the studio, from the arrival of the order, to the relations with the different industrialists once it is in the execution phase, always looking for what she calls “The Beauty Effective”.

Instituto Universitario CMT | Eólica Tower

The Universitat Politécnica de València, in one of the buildings that the campus dedicates to aerodynamic research, has subjected the Eólica Tower to tests of resistance and performance; through a recreation of turbulence and winds similar to those that it will be subjected to in the Port of Valencia, once the project is completed.

You can find more information about the project at Eólica Tower.

New monograph | Rizzoli

The prestigious Rizzoli publisher has included a monograph dedicated to the work of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. It will be added to a catalog in which there are publications dedicated to Tadao Ando, David Chipperfield, Alberto Campo Baeza or Richard Meier, among others, and will be signed by the renowned architecture critic Philip Jodidio, director for more than twenty years of the magazine Connaissance des Arts and author of other titles that appeared in this same editorial dedicated to figures such as Koichi Takada or the Pritzker prize winners I. M. Pei and Christian de Portzamparc. The monograph will be on sale next March 28 worldwide.

Open House Valencia | Premium

Our studio will participate one more year in the fourth edition of Open House Valencia, the architecture festival that will be held on October 22 and 23. In addition, among the novelties of this edition, our participation in Open Premium stands out, offering a guided tour of our Casa Sabater project, a work in Orihuela Costa, “a space that addresses the unevenness of the plot as a kind of path that skirts the trees and captures parts of the garden in a sequence that seems to have no end”.

The visits will be carried out by the architects of the studio and, afterwards, the gastronomy of the area will be tasted in a premium restaurant. In order to participate in these visits, it is necessary to register on the festival’s website and buy a ticket for the activity, the price of which includes transportation and food during the day.

Under construction | Well Villa

The site works of the project are currently in the structure phase. Located in the PGA golf course, in Girona, the house seeks the best views over the place where it is set. The project is solved by means of two extruded spaces, two overlapping volumes, in which the upper one moves towards the lake in front, giving as a result a cantilever that aims to generate a great shaded terrace. Two elements that define a single project, in which we appreciate facades of great dynamism generated by different openings in them, that allow for a comfortable reading of the building.

Publications | House on the Cliff

The House on the Cliff project has been published in the book Vivir en el agua edited by Phaidon, one of the world’s leading publishers of visual arts, architecture, art, photography and design books based in New York.

The book compiles a careful selection of 55 modern houses that offer an accessible look at the relationship between architecture and water, how both elements harmonize, balance and support each other to create a truly dynamic aesthetic.

Photoshooting GANDIABLASCO | House of Silence

The GANDIABLASCO brand has recently carried out a photoshooting in our finished project House of Silence. You can see more images of this project here.

Project manager and photography direction: Alejandra Gandía-Blasco
Art direction: Isa Garcia and Alejandra Gandía-Blasco
Photography: Angel Segura








Soul Luxury Beach Resort | The Sphinx

Our studio has recently been invited to the launch event for Soul Luxury Beach Resort, a pioneering 580 acres luxury resort located in Egypt, amidst one of the world’s most impressive natural beach landscapes on the north coast.

Our studio has participated in the masterplan by designing the Signature Villa with the proposal The Sphinx , a luxury home surrounded by mansions on the beach and houses connected to nature, the unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea and the lagoons facing the sea, exuberant green spaces and a wide variety of unique amenities.

New project finished | MRG

The project consists of the interior updating of an apartment in the center of the city of Valencia. We ordered the space looking for the continuity of the rooms, integrating the structural elements of the existing building within the divisions and the carpentry.

The plan is understood as three longitudinal bands that allow through ventilation. An area where you can work with generous natural lighting is incorporated into the main area of the house. A system of sliding carpentry allows incorporating or dividing the kitchen space from the living room depending on the situation. A gym, a water area, a fireplace, a terrace facing south over the treetops of Gran Vía (the healthy biophilia) and various facilities give the apartment a level of comfort that sometimes you do not want to leave.

Under construction| Well Villa

The construction process of the project have already begun, it’s currently in the foundation phase and soon we will be able to see the structure.

Located in the PGA golf course, in Girona, the house seeks the best views over the place where it is set. The project is solved by means of two extruded spaces, two overlapping volumes, in which the upper one moves towards the lake in front, giving as a result a cantilever that aims to generate a great shaded terrace. Two elements that define a single project, in which we appreciate facades of great dynamism generated by different openings in them, that allow for a comfortable reading of the building.

Awards | IFI International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers

Our projects Pati Blau and Casa del Silencio projects are finalists in the Habitat category for the IFI Design Distinction Awards.

A global design competition, IFI’s Design Distinction Awards (IFI DDA) recognize excellence in the design outcome of built projects and offer a quality peer-reviewed assessment of completed interiors from across the world.

Those recognized with an IFI DDA are leading the way in Interior Architecture/Design practice through their built work; contributing at the highest level to raising the bar of design innovation and excellence.

Built to Inspire by Philip Jodidio | Casa Hofmann

The Hofmann house has been published in the prestigious book Built to Inspire by Philip Jodidio. World-renowned architectural writer and critic delves into his selection of the Top Twenty-six of the most contemporary and current house designs from around the world, showcasing the most innovative and influential designs from Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South and Central America, India, and Asia. He provides an incisive analysis of the site-specific elements, key environmental factors of the landscape design, the use of spatial visualizations, light, sustainability, and materials, and other critical design features of each home.

News project finished | Piera House

The project talks about setting limits and their permeability.The first border is established between the street and the free space of the house, in Burriana, as in many municipalities the regulations establish a maximum dimension for the opaque fence and the rest of the height with a permeable materiality. We decided, perhaps influenced by the gate that Andreu Alfaro together with Emilio Giménez designed both in the house and in the sculptor’s studio, to make this border as an opaque filter for the views and penetrable for light and air, with a constant materiality in full height. This fine line built with aluminum profiles, which are arranged at an angle that prevents the view from the outside, draws a patio with almost the entire available surface

GA Houses | House of Silence and Pati Blau

The projects House of Silence and Pati Blau has been published in number 179 of GA Houses, the Japanese magazine that stars in its articles architectural projects from around the world with something unique to offer in design.
In the publication you can see photographs of the project with their respective plans and information.

Thinking by doing | Workshop in MArch Architecture and Design

This week has been at the MArch Architecture and Deisign school, the workshop with Fran Silvestre Thinking by doing. We have been worked on the way of approaching the conception of a project. The initial phase of the architectural project is one of the most complex parts to undertake because of its level of abstraction, and it is also one of the most important of its development.

Each project is understood as a personal challenge with different variables (scale, conditioners, customers, use …) that determine the result of the work. At this point, it is necessary to know and use an effective working method.

Open house Valencia | 2021 Edition

Next Saturday October 23, a new edition of Open House Valencia 2021 will take place, an event that gives people the opportunity to get to know places related to Architecture and Design that are not usually open to visit.

On this occasion and again from the Espai Alfaro, we will participate by taking a tour of our studio, a NIU house located in the space, the Andreu Alfaro sculpture collection and the facilities where the postgraduate and Master programs  in Architecture and Design MArch are developed. There will be two visits, at 12:00 and at 18:00, to sign up visit the official OHV website. We wait for you!

Under construction | House in Sotogrande

The project, which is in the planning and foundation phase, is located opposite is located in front of the Sotogrande’s golf course, the house proposes to inhabit the shade generated between the ground floor plan and the roof. A large cantilever allows to stop the intense sun of Cádiz and to protect from the abundant rains of the area of the Sierra de Grazalema.

More info soon on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin y Pinterest profiles.

Presentation event | NIU Houses

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 1st, the NIU Houses team together with Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, will present the NIU projecto, in which you will be able to visit a scale house as well as an exhibition of all the types of homes, interiors and finishes , and in addition the website.

The purpose of the NIU project is to innovate construction systems to increase precision in the materialization of architecture. Deadlines and costs that remain fixed and an architecture that improves the quality of human environments, making them more sustainable and healthy.

Lecture | Casa Decor 2021

Fran Silvestre gave a conference on June 3rd, organized at the Auditorium of Casa Decor 2021 by the Italian brand BTicino, which gathered a select group of clients, architects, designers and interior designers to discuss about the search for efficiency and functionality in each project and space, as well as the role that technology will determine in the home of the future.

The meeting was also attended by the interior designer Diego Rodríguez and the researcher in design trends, Marisa Santamaría.

New project | Dragic Clinic in Belgrade

The project for a clinic in Belgrade seeks to create different atmospheres with the minimum number of elements, in this case, uniform and changing light surfaces that are arranged in some of the surfaces that shape the spaces.

More info soon on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin y Pinterest profiles.

New project finished | NIU N70

In this series of houses the starting point is a combination of extruded spaces in which the open parts are the ones that are glazed. A way of proceeding investigated in some works by Jacobsen or Souto de Moura. The work process begins with the use of aluminum profiles to make the models, a system that generates an infinite number of combinations. This work produces a kind of chalk laboratory where the limits are very clear.

New project | House in Florida

The project, which consists of two twin houses that open onto the Sarasota Bay, seeks views of the landscape through two cantilevers that extend over the volume of its ground floors: one in the longitudinal direction and the other in the transverse direction. One of the closest references of the project is the movement of modern architecture that was generated in the mid-20th century in the area known as Sarasota School of Architecture or Sarasota Modern.

Winners | IF Design Awards

Our project for Colección inHAUS By Fran Silvestre has been selected as winner for the iF Design Awards in the Professional Architecture Concept category.

The iF Design Awards are one of the most important international design awards. For the 2021 edition, more than 10,000 projects have been presented from 52 countries around the world.

New project | House in Costa Dorada

The project solves the program of a single-family house located on the Costa Dorada in Spain. Due to the position of the plot, the architecture is slightly skewed to seek the best views over the sea.

More info soon on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin y Pinterest profiles.

Publications | Archiectural Digest

Our project Well Villa located at PGA Catalunya Resort has been published in the prestigious AD magazine for being the first in Europe to apply the Well standards in a single-family house.

The WELL standard, based on 6 years of medical-scientific research, is the most widespread and prestigious international health and well-being standard in architecture. WELL projects are characterized by putting the human being at the center of their designs, resulting in built spaces that take care of people’s health in an integral way. The Well Villa, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos and whose health and wellness consultancy has been carried out by Evalore, is the first project of its category to integrate the characteristics of this well-known standard.

You can read the article here.

Happy New Year | Best wishes

Best wishes for the New Year
Els millors desitjos per a l’any vinent
Die besten architekten wünsche für das neue jahr
Tanti auguri di buon anno
Os melhores desejos para o ano novo
Les meilleurs architectes voeux pour la nouvelle annéeSzczęśliwego nowego roku
Τισ καλυτερεσ ευχεσ μου για το νεο ετοσ


Lecture | Designwire

Next Monday, December 21, Fran Silvestre will give a Master Class for the Chinese platform Designwire.

Designwire, supports and enhances the development of young architects, driving the interior design industry forward. The platform highlights Chinese interior design works to the world while showcasing international masterpieces to China and they are searching for excellent projects to be published in their website and Wechat account, which is going to be published in English and Chinese, covering 5 million monthly page views and 20,000 post views.

Publications | Arquitectura y Diseño

One of the latest projects completed by the studio, Casa del Silencio, has been published in Arquitectura y Diseño, one of the most widely read magazines in the sector.

The project consists of making a musician’s studio coexist with his home. Located in a residential area near Valencia, where neighboring houses are very close to each other, it is decided to generate a semi-buried volume on the ground floor that configures the recording studio.

You can see the publication here.

Publications | Las Provincias

Las Provincias newspaper in its edition of Sunday, November 15th, shows the projects that from the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio, we are developing in different locations in China. Large-scale projects are included, such as the 165,000-square-meter residential complex in Qingdao, as well as small-scale projects, such as the intervention of interior design of all a plant of 600 square meters in the SoHo building in Beijing designed by Zaha Hadid.

Interview | Desfici Magazine for World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Desfici Magazine together with the organization of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 have interviewed Fran Silvestre to learn about one of the latest projects completed by the studio, Topaz of Braye. This project has consisted of completely redesigning a 20-meter long Turkish schooner that was originally owned by a renowned British musical promoter and which is located in the Marina of Valencia.

In addition to this project, other very interesting topics were also discussed in the interview, such as the Eólica Tower, the collaboration with InHaus to carry out the design of industrialized houses or the status of current projects in China. You can read the interview here.

Publications | Minimalissimo

One of the recent projects completed by the studio, Pati Blau, has been published in Minimalissimo, a print and digital magazine focused on minimalism in design that shows some of the best examples in architecture, interiors, furniture and home furnishings.

You can see the publication here and find out more details about the project on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Pinterest. profiles.

Photoshooting | New project

Recently, has taken place the photoshooting of the last project finished by our studio. For photography we have the collaboration of Diego Opazo and for the video, with the filmmaker Jesús Orrico.

You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Pinterest profiles.

inHAUS BY | Author houses

Our architecture studio has been in charge of designing some of the new models that the Valencian modular houses company will offer to its future clients worldwide.

With this initiative, the modular architecture has managed to bring together designers and industry, resulting in architectures that combine the best design, high energy efficiency, perfection in finishes and a turnkey integral service with price and deadline.

You can find more information here.

Lecture | FISTA20

Next March 5 at 3:00 p.m., the FISTA20 event will take place at the Escola de Tecnologias e Arquitetura do Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, where Fran Silvestre will give a lecture about the work and the most important projects of the studio.

The “Forum of Iscte School of Technology and Architecture” is an annual event that takes place thanks to the will and dedication of the students of the School of Technology and Architecture to bring the world of business to university. You can know more about the event here.

New project finished | Dental Clinic

Located in the center of the city, the project arises to give response to a new clinic whose values are based on an extremely personalized treatment to the client. The layout of the building, which dates from the beginning of the last century, conditioned the distribution.

You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest profiles.

New project finished | Penthouse in Costa Blanca

The project consists in the refurbishment of a penthouse located in the Costa Blanca of the Mediterranean Sea. Boosting the views of the Bay of Altea becomes the most important element of this proposal.

You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Pinterest profiles.

Publications | 100 Houses: Nature and Nurture

The project Hofmann house has been published in the book 100 Houses: Nature and Nurture, edited b Images Publishing, one of the world’s leading publishers of architecture and design volumes. It specializes in lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed books that showcase leading and emerging architects and designers internationally.

This edition pulls together an exceedingly diverse collection of 100 of the best contemporary houses from across the globe, each showcasing new and recent cutting-edge residential designs by some of the world’s leading architects and designers with full-color photographs that help underline the sensitivity of today’s design practitioners to the natural environment, as well as the care and attention paid to interior design.

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