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Promoción Campolivar | NIU Houses

Próximamente se inaugurará el showroom de la nueva promoción en Campolivar de NIU Houses. La propuesta consiste en generar un catálogo a escala real de las diferentes tipologías y acabados para dar la posibilidad de experimentar de forma física la sensación de vivir en una casa NIU completamente equipada con todo el mobiliario y la jardinería.

El conjunto estará compuesto por 15 parcelas, en las cuales se disponen 7 tipologías NIU diseñadas de una y dos plantas. N70, N150, N160, N220, N230, N260 y N320, todas diseñadas con un amplio salón comedor abierto a dos orientaciones, ideal para disfrutar del porche durante todo el año.


Awards | House of Silence

The House of Silence project has been awarded the GOLD in the Habitat category for the IFI Design Distinction Awards.

A global design competition, IFI’s Design Distinction Awards (IFI DDA) recognize excellence in the design outcome of built projects and offer a quality peer-reviewed assessment of completed interiors from across the world. Those recognized with an IFI DDA are leading the way in Interior Architecture/Design practice through their built work; contributing at the highest level to raising the bar of design innovation and excellence.

Publications | Diseño Interior

Our project Pati Blau has been published in the special issue for the 30th anniversary of the best Design of the Diseño Interior magazine.

It was in the Muslim era when the so-called farmhouses were concentrating the population of the Ribera Alta, although some of these settlements had an Iberian origin. Over time these population centers have become places connected to the big city in a simple way and with an enviable quality of life. With all the good that the proximity of a large city offers and all the advantages of living connected to the territory and its culture. The project emerges as an interpretation of this typology. The delicious bankruptcies of the plot are regularized with the servants of the facilities, a gymnasium and storage pieces, drawing the outline of a regular patio.

You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our Facebook, InstagramLinkedin and Pinterest profiles. Also the online article here.


Under construction | Water mirror house

The relaxing power of a sheet of water when it is silhouetted against the sea is fascinating. A world of colors, reflections and textures appears in constant change that produces an enigmatic attraction. Sometimes this effect acquires a dimension that makes the rest of the elements that constitute a project are dispensable or accessory. Focused on this issue we begin the proposal to build a living space from which to contemplate a spectacular environment.

The place is located in Calpe and is delimited by four landscaping elements of great strength. To the north the rock of Ifach, to the east the Mediterranean Sea, to the south the Mascarat and to the west there is a distant view of the Sierra de Olta.

More info about this project in our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Pinterest profiles.

New project | House of the Sun

A place located in the city of Marbella, on a plot of great slope and at an elevated level that provides fantastic views. We propose to embrace with a circle a space open to the sky and the horizon, and simultaneously protected from the gaze of others and the powerful winds of the area. The upper level rooms open in a controlled way towards specific landmarks of the landscape, while the public area enjoys the relationship with the main and open space.

You can find more information about this project soon on our website and on our FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Pinterest profiles.

Publications | Detail

The  Guest pavilion  project has been published in Detail’19, a recognized professional and international magazine on architecture and construction details produced by the editors of IW Magazine, Taiwan.

The magazine focuses the article on explaining what the project consists with pictures and plans.

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