Benahavís, Málaga

  • The house located in a privileged environment, arises from its implementation in the place. A plot with a steep slope that descends to the east and main views that open to the south. With this starting point the house is deposited in the upper level, supported by a single element that is arranged perpendicularly to the mountain.

  • This element houses the technical and service areas and allows you to descend to the level of the lower garden where the pool is located. The floor plan of the house is articulated by means of the humid core that, located in the central part of the plan and illuminated via a skylight, hides the supporting structure. The day area and the bedrooms open out to the views, protected from the sun by the terrace.

  • The studios and the multipurpose room open out to the northern light. It is the structure that allows the site to be used that characterizes the section that configures the entire house.

Arquitectos Valencia

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