• An eventual architecture is proposed in the number 2 tinglado building with a respectful manner towards existing patrimony, without touching it.

    The project’s structure imitates tinglado’s structural scheme, composed by two buildings which frame the metallic structure. This way, both of the volumes that outline the proposal join together by means of an element which, as a gantry crane, confers a unitary character to the whole and approaches it to portuary origins.

  • One of the volumes looks out into the city. The access control, the cloakroom and the bathrooms can be found in it.

    In the other volume opened to the sea, the changing rooms, the offices, the catering zone and the stage house are located. This disposition allows the whole to act in a bifocal way in which for smaller events the hall is formed by one of the tinglado building’s atmosphere whilst for larger events it is the rest of the building which accommodates spectators. The representative element of the catering zone leans over the seaboard looking into the sea and locating the project in the dock. The third element links both volumes, permitting scale limitation of tinglado’s interior space and making positioning of necessary event installations easier.

  • The project is located inside an architecture and so, has no shadows. This quality together with its prevailing night use both justify the construction of a retroilluminated system which is reflected on the sea, built as a monolithic piece of a translucent Solid Surface. As a result of architecture unable of being considered neither from the historical structure that shelters it nor from the rest of the buildings in the dock, understood as part of the furniture it acquires an appropriate larger scale according to the pursued importance of cultural life in the intervention.

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