• This house is located in a 1970s seven-storey building on Gran Vía Marqués del Turia in Valencia.

    The refurbishment project focused on creating a single space comprising the kitchen, living-room and dining-room, facing the terrace overlooking the avenue. Due to its long, narrow layout, the line of sight is inevitably drawn to the terrace, which is incorporated into the interior space.

  • The perimeter of the irregular party walls has been homogenised to conceal the pillars and conduits, resolving all practical issues such as building services and storage through a continuous wardrobe, split by a side-board containing the hidden kitchen modules. A small bathroom has been included within the homogenised perimeter.

  • Two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, are located on the other end of the house: one facing the inner courtyard of the block and the other giving onto a light well.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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