• Set in a landscaped residential area close to the town centre, the site for the house is a large plot dotted with already existing grown trees and plants.

    The project consists of a number of similar pieces arranged and connected together among the spaces between the trees, in turn giving rise to a sequence of separate gardens, each with their own individual ambience. A garden set among other apparently limitless gardens. A system of slender spaces runs like paths through the trees, embracing and respecting them.

  • Each of the five pieces in this proposal is made up of two orthogonally joined elements, in turn creating five separate gardens; whilst the curving surface forming a continuous line of the façade among the trees is taken up by the terraces. The human scale of the spaces further enhances the relationship with the exterior.

    The entrance garden is conceived as a form of outdoor east-facing hall inviting one to enter the atrium. This porch-like atrium leads to the public area with the swimming pool, onto which the main living area also gives. The studios have striking views over a grove of adult pine trees, separated by a play area.

  • The kitchen gives onto a more household garden suitable for growing, whilst the night areas have their own scented garden with a private ambience. Guestrooms are on the top floor, at the level of the trees tops. Meanwhile, the garage, building services and service areas are located in the basement.

    The trees weave a green fabric which regulates the light, depending on the orientation. The envelope of the house enhances this effect, controlling the sunlight while also providing a sense of privacy and protection. The materialization of this project reflects its urban character and human nature.

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