• There are numerous stories behind this plot of land, located in a town inhabited by vineyard growers which still maintains its original modest scale.

    The ground plan of this irregular piece of land is conditioned by the street layout, the uneven ground, the right of way… The project is naturally outlined by a series of lines running parallel and perpendicular to the streets, splitting the volume by means of the two edges in order to control its scale. From the upper street, Calle Vieja, only one floor is visible, filling in the place of a former shed; whilst from the lower street, Calle Poniente, the geometry serves as the backdrop for a perspective view, and gives this point of inflection a continuity with the street layout through the stairway.

  • The volume looks for a dynamic interpretation, and its appearance changes with the shadows cast by the edges during the course of the day, and the passing of the seasons, which are so significant in villages living off agriculture. This house is respectful with the surrounding architectural environment, avoiding any mimetic camouflage and introducing an innovative twist to the traditionally constructed load-bearing walls with small hollows and whitewash finish.

  • The garage and off-lying rooms are located on the level of the natural access from the footpath. The stairway built next to the party wall can be used as a reading room with zenithal lighting which also helps to distribute the night-time area on the top floor.

    The daytime area on the intermediate level has a flow-through floor plan, running from Calle Vieja towards the landscape.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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