• Located on the beach of Cabo de Plata, known as the Beach of the Germans on the Andalusian coast of Tarifa, there is an uneven place with a horizontal view over the Atlantic Ocean.

    To optimize the vision of the landscape, a series of slender spaces are intertwined as they adapt to the descending topography. Each of these pieces is deposited half a floor below the previous one. This way, its alternating arrangement allows all the spaces to have a direct view over the beach.

  • This form of aggregation minimizes its presence in the landscape, and adapts to the slope as a sort of ladder. A system of terraces that produces continuous interiors. To the southwest we find the views over the landscape, to the northeast there are enclosed courtyards and gardens that thanks to the natural ventilation mitigate the hot days and give shelter from the winds that characterize Tarifa.

    The program is organized in half-levels, each piece corresponds to a different use.

  • The main bedroom is located at the top. Half floor below the day zone is arranged at an intermediate level, while the rest of the bedrooms are placed at the bottom.

    In the intersection between the pieces is located the communications core, with smooth ladders, almost ramps. This central space proposes a route through different spaces with a great spatial heterogeneity, a walk that allows us to continue through the roof generating the fiction of a loop, a walk that we could imagine as limitless.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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