• The site earmarked for the project is a narrow piece of land framed by party walls in an existing city block built around an inner courtyard. The town, located on the outskirts of Valencia, is characterized by the former scale of its two-storey exposed brick buildings which has nevertheless been modified by urban planning.

  • This project posits the construction of a two-level plinth, maintaining the original materials and height of the former layout, which comprises the public communal space. The communication cores are grouped next to the party walls, thus making space for a passageway running through the block used as a parking area and a communal garden which extends to the mezzanine, transforming the inner courtyard. The passageway echoes the previous existing street life of this area before being transformed into a city.

  • The private space rests on the public plinth, and fully assumes its new urban condition. A feature of the elevations is that the terraces have been setback to allow the desired control of sunlight depending on the orientation and varying the perception as you move further away or closer. The strategy of attaching the communication cores, the building services and the structure to the party wall allows the creation of a versatile space where different arrangements of residential or offices units can easily be designed, ranging from open-plan to more conventional residential layouts demanded by the market, and enabling the necessary singularities to be part of a potential near future.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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