• A territory, a plantation of lemon trees traced by a mesh of 7,5m by 7,5m between trees located someplace in the levantine coast.

    A program, a pavilion of about 50m2 for recreation activities of one or two individuals, related with the physical and intellectual culture by means of rhythmic movements. Playing or listening to music, dancing, doing gymnastics…

  • A constructive system, adequate for the place in terms of climate, program and economy, to be chosen by the contestant.

    In the former orange and lemon plantations, the Islamic culture used the Al-Saquihas as a mean to channel the water. With this reference, in the linear void left by the mesh, there is disposed an element able to manipulate the water and the light to contain in its interior a rhythmic activity, understanding as such the action of swimming, with its different strokes, movements, breathing coordination, always accompanied by the metric of the whole.

  • The concrete pieces used nowadays as water collectors are the main component for this constructive system, which organizes through seriation the space of the pavilion.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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