• Exposición Alfaro Siza

    After being extended two additional months, December 4th was the last day to visit the exhibition ALFAROSIZA. Ideas encontradas at Espai Alfaro. The sample, which has been present since May, has been structured based on the comparison and relation between the different disciplines of these two artists, expressed through their respective works in the field of drawing, the relation (more…)

  • Trienal BANG 2018

    Next December 7th at 10pm, our architect and team member Pablo Camarasa will present the work of our architecture studio at a conference for the latest edition of the Trienal BANG 2018, in Braga, Portugal. (more…)

  • 26/11/2018

    The  Guest pavilion  project has been published in Detail'19, a recognized professional and international magazine on architecture and construction details produced by the editors of IW Magazine, Taiwan. The magazine focuses the article on explaining what the project consists with pictures and plans.

  • Marina de Valencia Torre Eólica

    “An engraved tower devoted to the wind.” The infrastructure designed years ago by our study of architecture in collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Intituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE)  has already the financial backing to be carried out by the investment manager Net de Gerrers, founded by the Valencian Eduard Navarro.  (more…)

  • 12/11/2018

    Our studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos have been selected as the Most Outstanding for Residential Architecture and Design 2018 in Spain. (more…)

  • IW Magazine Oficinas ARV

    The project ARV offices  has been published in the cover in the issue 123 of IW Magazine, a magazine about architecture, interior design and industrial that brings the readers all about aesthetics of living space and contemporary design mode. (more…)

  • Arquitectos en Valencia

    A glance over this place shows us a C-shaped space, which fits the proposed program. It is a small office dedicated to customer service. The rectangular floor plan, to which the communication core of the residential building in which it is located is subtracted, distributes the space in a large corridor attached to the dividing wall and two rooms. (more…)

  • Gandia Blasco

    New design for Outdoor spaces by Gandia Blasco. The proposal generates a new collection of pergolas with different finishes on walls, floors and ceilings. More information about the project in our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest profile.

  • 15/10/2018

    The 17th of October at 7.30 pm in the courtyard of el Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia, was the presentation of the book La belleza efizaz, the second monograph of the Valencian studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, edited by Arianuova. (more…)

  • Architectural Record

    The project Petra. The Stone Atelier has recently been published in the Architectural Record magazine. The publication includes a selection of international works, where are the images of the project with a text of the renowned architecture critic David Cohn.

    More information

  • Exposición ANDREU ALFARO

    Next Thursday, October 4th, la Sede de la Fundación Bancaja will inaugurate the retrospective exhibition of Andreu Alfaro: Alfaro. Laboratory of sculptural forms. The exhibition includes a selection of experimental models and sketches, made by the sculptor with his own hands and with fragile materials such as a study and (more…)

  • Casa en Alginet Valencia

    The projected building results from the analysis of its surroundings and aims to give response to various conditions. For example, the shared wall regime, to which the project responds by analyzing the preexisting traces and incroporating them into the project's drawing. More information about the project in our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest profile.

  • Valencia Disseny Week

    Next 18th, 19th and 20th September from 11 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. especially for the Valencia Disseny Week, it will take place in the Espai Alfaro, guided tours to know the 7,000 m2 of artistic tradition, where art, design and architecture converge. There, the works of Andreu Alfaro and the Pritzker Prize winning architect, Álvaro Siza, converge. (more…)

  • 10/09/2018

    Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Castellón, in front of the Ribalta park, this residential building rises occupying a closed city block with its own patio, creating houses open to two opposite orientations. More information about the project in our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest profile.

  • Architecture and Art International Congress of Oporto.

    Next Saturday, September 8th at 9:30 p.m., Fran Silvestre will offer a conference for the International Congress of Architecture and Art of Oporto. During the week, architects like Aires Mateus and Eduardo Souto de Moura, among others, also will participe in the congress. More info in AAICO

  • 27/08/2018

    New video for the furniture brand Andreu World, recorded inside FLAT, a project of our architecture studio in Valencia. Check here more projects of our architecture studio in Valencia.

  • Idea-Tops Awards

    The 1905 Office Building has been nominated in the category workspaces for the Idea-Tops Awards. Started by China Interior Design Website, the first portal between the architectural and interior design industry in China, (more…)

  • German Design Awards

    The ARV Offices project has been nominated by the German Design Awards, for the interior design category. German Design Award is the German official design award granted by the Ministry of Economy and Technology of that country, and (more…)


    The book “Pioneros del Diseño” has been selected at the XIV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in the category "Books". “Pioneros del Diseño” seeks to explore the figure of the industrial designer going back to the (more…)

  • Enjoy your summer

    Hofmann House and Collection Blau for Gandiablasco. Photography: Fernando Guerra + SG | Últimas reportagens

  • TC Cuadernos

    Last week, during the workshop of Porto Academy, the presentation of the monograph "Scenarios for life", which includes a sample of the projects of the studio from 2005 to the present, took place in Porto. Architects such as Adamo Faiden and (more…)

  • Vídeo | FLAT

    Link to video. Whitewashing, Enjalbegar in spanish, many languages ​​have verbs that describe the action of lime painting the architectures to clean and embellish them. In this case it is about updating an apartment with a characteristic distribution of the (more…)

  • 23/07/2018

    "A Chair" designed for Capdell has been finalist in the XIV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in the cathegory "product design". The award ceremony was held last week in the city of Santander. The itinerant exhibition, which has as its motto (more…)

  • 17/07/2018

    The project Petra The Stone Atelier has been selected in the interior design category in the FAD Awards 2018, organised by ADG-FAD. More information about the project.

  • Proyecto Arquitectos Valencia

    A plot with steep slopes and rocky terrain are the starting point to plan the project. The building emerges from the terrain forming three volumes that blend together, adapting to the topography of the place. The hollows of the different pieces (more…)

  • Photoshooting Arquitectura en Valencia

    Recently took place the shooting of our last finished project, Casa Hofmann. Where we have the presence of the Portuguese photographer Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Últimas reportagens

  • Exposición ALFAROSIZA

    The Espai Alfaro will open its doors on Thursday 24 May at 7 pm for the opening of the exhibition ALFAROSIZA. It collects and exhibits for the first time works on different surfaces and mediums, belonging to different artistic fields, of these two great (more…)

  • Arquitectura internacional

    Fran Silvestre will give a conference on April 26th in Kansas City, USA, where he will talk about the creative process of the studio Fran Silvestre Architects. The Valencian architect is currently a visiting professor at the Kansas State University, through the (more…)


    This afternoon Fran Silvestre will give a conference on the occasion of the XIII Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial in La Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios at Paseo de la Castellana 67, Madrid. See you there! More information


    The house is divided into different spaces articulated by a central core where the kitchen is located. The night and day zone are visually, communicated, thus having a sense of continuity.

  • Arquitectos ganadores concurso macrocomplejo

    The proposal is conceived as a system of aggregation, controlling its volume impact in the area and giving place to surprising spaces. This system is based on the Mat-Building, understood as a potentially infinite interior space which incorporates in its (more…)

  • Vídeo arquitectura Valencia

    Architectural film by Alfonso Calza Vídeo

  • Arquitectos Valencia en ArchDaily

    The project Petra The Stone Atelier has been a finalist in the Commercial Building category. If you find it interesting, you can vote us to be the winners of this category through the following link.

  • ArchDaily Building of the year 2018

    ArchDaily architecture network has chosen three projects from our studio for the "Building of the year 2018" candidacy. If you find them interesting, you can vote us through the following links: (more…)

  • arquitecto Sotogrande

    The project results from the work of a floor with a characteristic geometry, the square, totally open to the outside. Inside, a rectangular volume will provide privacy to the home, with the opportunity to close or open to the outside according to the needs (more…)

  • 18/01/2018

    There is a distinct pleasure in restoring an old object. Let's take for instance an old flexo, one of those that were used in the drawing tables of the technical offices. First, to understand it, disassemble it with care, clean the rusted parts, repaint it, (more…)

  • Best of Archilovers 2017

    The architecture platform Archilovers selects four of our projects as "Best of Archilovers 2017".

  • Estudio arquitectura internacional

    Los mejores deseos para el año nuevo Els millors desitjos per a l’any vinent Die besten wünsche für das neue jahr 新年快乐 Tanti auguri di buon anno 新年のご多幸を祈る Os melhores desejos para o ano novo Les meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année (more…)

  • Monografía arquitectos Valencia

    Next Thursday December 21st at 7.30 PM in Petra The Stone Atelier will be held the presentation of the last monograph of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Scenaries for life 2005-2017, a publication edited by TC Cuadernos that will be (more…)

  • Publicaciones Arquitectos Valencia

    ARV offices project has been recently published at Experimenta Magazine 75th issue. The article "ARV Offices. Light as Experience Design" presents the project in detail, made in collaboration with Estudio Alfaro Hofmann, and explains the importance (more…)

  • arquitectura mediterránea

    New video for italian furniture brand Minotti, recorded inside the house between the pine forest.

  • Gandia Blasco Colección Blau

    Blau tree different models, from the collection we have designed for Gandia Blasco, can be seen this days at Studio2 exposition space, on Calle del Mar number 42, Valencia.

  • El proyecto resulta del trabajo de una planta con una geometría característica, el cuadrado, totalmente abierto al exterior.

    The project results from the work of a floor with a characteristic geometry, the square, totally open to the outside. Inside, a rectangular volume will provide privacy to the home, with the opportunity to close or open to the outside according to the needs of (more…)

  • 09/11/2017

    Image of the new construction system design for Gandia Blasco. The project was presented last week by Pablo Camarasa, a member from our office, within the 4th International Architecture Festival of Guadalajara, Mexico. The event, which was (more…)

  • 26/10/2017

    We are a million. Thanks for joining us and follow our work. Image of one of the study models for the plan configuration of a new project.

  • 17/10/2017

    The pavilion consists of two rooms: one bedroom and a living room with a kitchen. There are also two bathrooms, one serving the pavilion and the other one as a support for the pool. Within the premises, the aim is that the built piece minimizes its impact (more…)

  • 13/10/2017

    New construction system design for Gandia Blasco.

  • 19/09/2017

    At 19:30 this afternoon a talk by Fran Silvestre, Francesc Rifé, Massimiliano Mornatti, Andrew Trotter and Joan Gaspar will take place in the showroom we designed in Valencia for Petra The Stone Atelier, from Stonehegen. A talk that will focus on (more…)

  • 14/09/2017

    Next academic year 2017-2018, Fran Silvestre will hold Victor L. Regnier Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Kansas State University, for which he will serve as visiting professor in the architecture (more…)

  • visita guiada del Espai Alfaro como evento destacado en el marco de la Valencia Disseny Week 2017.

    Next 19,20 and 21of September at 11:00 am, our office, in colaboration with Alfaro Hofmann, will conduct a guided tour of the Espai Alfaro as an outstanding event in the framework of the Valencia Disseny Week 2017. Defined as a place of artistic tradition, (more…)

  • Estudio Arquitectos Valencia

    This month an article about the work of our office has been featured at Bloomberg. Written by James Tarmy, the story conducts a tour from our beginnings through a dialogue where several projects are presented and we reflect about the keys, concernings and (more…)

  • 22/08/2017

    Breeze House project has been recently published at japanese magazine GA Houses 153 issue. Along with projects from architects like Kengo Kuma or Aires Mateus, in this issue are featured brand new photographs from the project with its own (more…)

  • 27/07/2017

    Aluminium house project in Madrid has been featured at Phaidon compilation "Ornament is Crime", which collects a selection of works from modern movement with Mies van der Rohe or Walter Gropius to the present days with names like John Pawson (more…)

  • 20/07/2017

    This design of A chair arises from the duality between, on the one hand, a metallic bearing structure with square profile and orthogonal geometries that confer stability to the piece, and on the other a natural wood carcass with an organic geometry that gives (more…)

  • 04/07/2017

    More information on our Instagram profile.

  • Petra The Stone Atelier

    Petra The Stone Atelier is an space in which three activities live together. On the one hand, it is an exhibition space for the company Stonehegen that shows stones from all over the world. The (more…)

  • 07/06/2017

    Architectural film by: McFly Audiovisual Video

  • 11/05/2017

    The proposal for Zumex Group headquarters in Paterna design and construction competition has been selected finalist. The project is drawn by two connected elements that distribute the program between offices and manufacturing area. (more…)

  • 09/05/2017

    Blau collection. Gandia Blasco. Last April, within Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017, Blau outdoor furniture collection, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos for GandiaBlasco, was presented. With this reason, Archiproducts did an interview to our (more…)

  • estudio arquitectura mediterránea

    The project with a surface area of around 70 square meters is a guest pavilion that functions as an autonomous architecture conceived as an extension of a project that we had developed in the studio. The human scale of the pavilion makes it a (more…)

  • 28/04/2017

    The project House of the seven gardens has been presented in the section CincoDías in the mean El País Economía as part of the program The Seven | Sotogrande. Link to the article

  • Proyecto oficinas arquitectos valencia

    The project consists in the implementation of customer service offices. They are located in a commercial premise in the centre of the city with a complex geometry, full of turns and structural elements that interfere in the understanding (more…)

  • 20/04/2017

    The last week our studio visited the facilities of the MIT in Cambridge and, among other places, we could meet the Media Lab, the Physics Department and the Center for Advance Urbanism Research. Image: Zarid house in Tarifa

  • 18/04/2017

    Next thursday April 20th at 7:00pm, our office will give a lecture at College of Architecture & Urban studies from Virginia Tech, following the lectures tour that is being carried out in United States, in which Kansas, Boston and New York among other cities will (more…)

  • 13/04/2017

    Next week, our office will give two lectures at Kansas City Design Center from Kansas State University in United States. The meetings will take place on April 17th and 18th and will be presented by Maria Masià and Fran Silvestre, who is this academic year (more…)

  • 11/04/2017

    House of the seven gardens project in Sotogrande (Cádiz) has been published at japanese magazine GA Houses 151 issue, together with other ongoing residential projects from offices like Aires Mateus, Ryue Nishizawa, Kengo Kuma or Sou (more…)

  • 04/04/2017

    This week, at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017, it will be presented the interior furniture collection designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos for Capdell. For this reason, this afternoon our studio will give a lecture at 8.00 pm at Fumagalli Gallery in Milan (Via (more…)

  • 29/03/2017

    During this week, at Salone del Mobile.Milano, it could be seen at Gandiablasco firm's stand the outdoor furniture collection designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Photography: Ángel Segura - Odos Odosdesign Location: Fiera Milano - Hall 20, (more…)

  • 14/03/2017

    House between the pine forest is nominated for the "Building of the Year 2017" by Plataforma Arquitectura. More information

  • 23/02/2017

    Balint House project appears on catalogue of the prestigious italian brand Cassina. This week, It has been published the video with the Fran Silvestre's interview of the third subject of Cassina's The Other Conversation ADV campaign. Video

  • 22/02/2017

    The way of aggregation minimizes the presence in the landscape, and fits the slope as a sort of stair. A system of terraces that produces permeable interiors. In the southwest are the views, in northeast appear bounded and landscaped courtyards that (more…)

  • 21/02/2017

    On Thursday, February 23rd at 7:00 pm, Fran Silvestre, Andrés Alfaro and Pablo Camarasa introduce the book "Pioneers of Design" with graphic design by Sevak Asatrian at Dada bookstore of MuVIM. This book is based on the doctoral thesis "Thinking by (more…)

  • 08/02/2017

    House between the pineforest project appears on second edition from Minotti - The Magazine. In this publication, the italian furniture brand features interior spaces from the home that hold pieces of the collection. Photography: Fernando Guerra + (more…)

  • 01/02/2017

    First prize at restricted competition for a prestigious high performance bicycle company headquarters.

  • 04/01/2017

    Blau collection, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos for Gandia Blasco was awarded at the 13th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial in product design category. Because of it, a travelling exhibition was made starting in July at Palace of Charles V (more…)

  • 16/12/2016

    The german brand Mercedes-Benz has chosen the Balint House for performing a new campaign of some of its models. Photography: Diego Opazo | Balint House

  • 14/12/2016

    By this month it will be announced the winner projects from 16th International Design Contest organized by Andreu World. In this contest, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos will participate as a jury member (more…)

  • 22/11/2016

    The italian furniture brand Cassina has chosen the Balint House for performing the new furniture catalogue for the next season.

  • 10/11/2016

    Placed on top of historic Hollywood Hills, the ones which draw Los Angeles profile where part of Case Study Houses program was built. The project lays on the ground, adapting to its hard slope and conditions, carrying out a change of direction at house (more…)

  • 03/11/2016

    The projects House on the cliff and Atrium House have been published in the monographic compilation of buildings built in concrete together with projects of Peter Zumthor, Álvaro Siza, Tadao Ando, (more…)

  • 26/10/2016

    We are starting a new project placed in a 10.000 square meters sloped plot with great views. The proposal is conceived as an aggregation system, controlling the impact of its volume and adapting naturally to the landscape and topography.

  • 19/10/2016

    We are starting a new project. A 100 room hotel at Villajoyosa. The building will also feature a Spa and Wellness Center among other amenities.

  • 18/09/2016

    The fashion brand Lola Cruz Shoes perform its campaign Sping-Summer 2013 at the House on the cliff. Creative direction: Marina Cenacchi Photography: Corina Landa Making Of video

  • 03/08/2016

    House in the pineforest. Fotografía: Fernando Guerra + SG | Últimas reportagens

  • 19/07/2016

    Blau collection, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos for Gandia Blasco has been awarded in the 13th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial in product design category. Awards ceremony will take (more…)

  • 06/07/2016

    Tomorrow Thursday July 7th, at 5:00pm, Fran Silvestre will give one of the lectures at Oporto scheduled in the International Summit of Architecture organised by Ordem dos Arquitectos. Place: Antigo Matadouro, Rua S. Roque da Lameira, Porto. (more…)

  • 20/05/2016

    Next Tuesday, May 24th at 11:00, Fran Silvestre will present together with Andrés Alfaro Hofmann the new showroom made in colaboration with Levantina for CasaDecor 51st edition, at Casa Palacio Atocha 34 in Madrid. More information about the exposition

  • 17/05/2016

    Blau collection for Gandiablasco, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, has been awarded at NYCxDESIGN Awards from Interior Design Magazine with first price in outdoor category. The ceremony took place last saturday at MoMA (more…)

  • 12/04/2016

    Today, April 12th is the opening of the Milan Furniture Fair, where Blau collection designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is presented. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the stand at B01/C06 - Hall 20.

  • 07/04/2016

    Hofmann House has been published in the Japanese magazine GA Houses 146, Project 2016. Link to the issue

  • 05/04/2016

    The new catalogue of Gandia Blasco presents Blau collection designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. An outdoor luminaire made with aluminium profiles and LED lighting. (more…)

  • 23/03/2016

    Our project House on the Cliff is on the cover of IW magazine 108, Taiwan. Photography: Diego Opazo

  • 17/02/2016

    Last week we took part in the meetings of the VI Semana del Diseño, under the motto: “Interior Design. Present and Future”, to explain the last projects finished by the studio.

  • Arquitectos Valencia

    Tomorrow, Thursday 4th February, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos will take part in a meeting along with Rafa Fernández Bermejo, editor of the platform Houzz España, in the Hábitat Valencia Fair. The event will take place in Ágora Nude at 11:00 am, where (more…)

  • 28/01/2016

    Fran Silvestre Arquitectos will take part in the round table organised by Actiu in the Hábitat Valencia Fair. The event will take place the next Tuesday 2nd of February at 17:00 h in Ágora Nude. During the event it will be shown several projects which the (more…)

  • 26/01/2016

    During the next 3rd, 4th and 5th of February the Espai Alfaro will wellcome guided visits, taking part of the Valencia Disseny Week 2016 as an outstanding event. A place of creation and artistic tradition where the art, the design and the architecture come (more…)

  • 05/01/2016

    The social network for architects and designers Archilovers publishes Antiguo Reino house as one of the best projects in 2015. More information

  • 01/01/2016

    Los mejores deseos para el año nuevo Els millors desitjos per a l’any vinent Die besten wünsche für das neue jahr 新年快乐 Tanti auguri di buon anno 新年のご多幸を祈る Os melhores desejos para o ano novo Les meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année (more…)

Arquitectos Valencia

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