New project finished | House in Santa Pola

The house, located in front of the island of Tabarca, makes sense understanding the place in which is set.

With a strong difference in height between the levels of the upper and lower access, the project seeks to define a level at which the day and pool areas are located. This level strives to be placed at the highest altitude possible, in order to have a direct view of the sea. This main space of the house comes up as the gap between the basement area that emerges from the land and the day area that is deposited on top of this base. The volume that emerges seeks to blend in with the texture of the surrounding mountains on account of the gray tone of the natural stone with which it is built. The volume that is deposited is materialized with the same white presence as the traditional architectures of the place. Between the two of them, an open and shaded area that is the only thing needed to enjoy the idyllic location.

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Arquitectos Valencia

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